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 soflarock - (sadbutun)
12:52pm 05/10/2003
Hector A. Parayuelos posting in south(east) florida ROCK!
*If you don't care to read through all of this, at least make note of the guidelines below*

Alright, before things continue to get out of hand, let's lay down a few guidelines for making posts. These are to be followed loosely, because I hate making rules, and the original three (as listed in the journal info) are enough. But, any of these guidelines are pushed, for the sake of anything negative, or just anything not productive to the purpose of this community, will result in some sort of disciplinary action.

First and foremost, this is a show posting community. It's about local music. I intended this to be only about shows. But I think it can be used as a great resource to find new band members, equipment, etc. And while I think discussions and debate are a great thing, and many of us can benefit from healthy arguments, unfortunately most of the people that I've seen posting/commenting lately don't have the mental/moral capacity to act civily.

So keep your opinions to yourself. I don't want any posts on how this sucks, that sucks, etc. If you have a problem with a certain venue (or something like that), however, that you think is something important, that is fine to post. But don't write it in the "oh this place sucks i hate it" style.

I will keep the opinions rule very loose...because I don't like having to restrict people and what they have to say...but...keep it mature and civil.

Now, here are the guidelines:

Posting a show:
1. Unless there was some change in the lineup, price, venue, or any other information, there is NO reason for anyone to post a show more than once every 48 hours, or once a day the few days before a show.
(This is not to say that the week before the show, you should post the show every day. That's fucking annoying. And unless your show post was bumped off the first page, it's pretty unnecessary).

2. Following number one, don't repost a show, if you can still see the previous post about it, within the first half of the page.

3. If you want to post a flyer, that's fine. If you MUST post the flyer on more than one occasion, put it behind a lj cut, please. (How to make a LJ-Cut)

4. Out of consideration, if you are posting a LOT of shows, or anything that is going to take up a lot of space, please put it behind a lj cut. (How to make a LJ-Cut)

5. It should go without saying, but if you post a show, it should be for the sake of supporting the show, NOT for annoying others.

6. Posting about shows not in the South Florida area, should be kept to a minimum. I understand sometimes bigger shows don't come down here, so trips up north are neccesary. But, there's no real reason to have local shows from other areas posted here.

General guidelines:

1. Do not insult anyone. There's no need for it. And if they insult you, replying with an insult isn't going to help.

2. This is a community for ALL types of music and music related events. Therefore, there are bound to be types of music that you don't like, and bands that you don't like. There is no need to share the information with the rest of us, just skip the post.

3. If there is any other art/cultural related activity that you'd like to post, that you think the members of this community would enjoy, by all means go ahead. But, don't get carried away, this place is for music.

4. As mentioned before, if you are posting anything that is long, please put it behind a lj-cut. (How to make a LJ-Cut)

5. NO posting of opinions.

6. However, if you have a problem with a certain venue (or anything related to music) that you think is a pertinant topic (let's say, a certain venue didn't pay you what they said they would), that is allowed. HOWEVER, it must be written out in a civil manner. No "oh this place sucks," or "i hate this place." Nothing gets properly resolved by such immature comments, if you actually care to get something changed for the better, you will not get your message across in that manner.

7. Posting about rides to shows is fine, but there's also a community created specifically for that, sofla_show_taxi, that you might want to check out.

Basically, no immaturity will be tolerated. You come here, you look around, you post shows, you sell your equipment, you get new band members. You don't insult others and their music. You don't try to act all high and mighty because you listen to "better" music than anyone else. You act civily. If these are things you don't think you can adhere to, no one is making you be a member of this community. Do me and everyone else a favor, and leave, before I have to remove you.

If any of the rules/guidelines are broken, your post is liable to get deleted, and you are liable to get banned.

I hate having to ban people and to be such a mommy about these things, and we had a good run of people being pretty mature about things, but I'd rather do this now, before things get out of hand.

So be happy, and post away!

P.S. DO NOT!!!!!!

I repeat, DO NOT make any show posts on this page. Join the community, and make a new post.
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(no subject)
12:00pm 05/10/2003 (UTC)
4. As mentioned before, if you are posting anything that is long, please put it behind a lj-cut. (How to make a LJ-Cut)

i'd say this was long and warranted an lj-cut < /sarcasm >
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(no subject)
09:17am 06/10/2003 (UTC)
Hector A. Parayuelos
haha i had already thought about that...
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(no subject)
12:26pm 05/10/2003 (UTC)
I Stalk Your 16 Year-Old Daughter On Myspace: An Icon Goes Here...
picword: An Icon Goes Here...
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(no subject)
04:47pm 05/10/2003 (UTC)
Mental Vomit
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(no subject)
06:06pm 05/10/2003 (UTC)
id say this goes against our "matt and hector rock" agreement. but still you should expect baseball cards any minute.
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(no subject)
06:44pm 05/10/2003 (UTC)
Hector A. Parayuelos
haha i have to phase that in slowly.

or else everyone would just explode from the combined sexiness of you and me
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(no subject)
07:49pm 05/10/2003 (UTC)
um.... yes.
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(no subject)
02:22am 06/10/2003 (UTC)
Florentino Ariza
well done.

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(no subject)
02:16pm 06/10/2003 (UTC)
My Bloody Fist
I swear... promise... whatever. that if i get all pissy because someone posts insanely, i will avoid rude, nessisary, comments and just tell them we get the point. :)
but i feel that my anger was justified. but i am aware that i get all hung up over stupid shit :)

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(no subject)
08:08am 24/11/2003 (UTC)
Sewing words together, to make them all fit right.
sounds good.
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Need bassist and singer
01:11am 15/02/2005 (UTC)
Joshua Edelestein
I'm looking for a bassist and singer to play in a band in the general Ft.Lauderadle area. we are in our teens and play a genre of Emo similar to Planes Mistaken For Stars and Alexisonfire but we do lighter stuff as well. we need a bassist who doen't have to be that great but be serious about what they are doing. same for the singer also being able to scream is a must. if you are interested contact me on my live journal or post here Thnx
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Spring Break Rock Event At The Art Temple
06:03am 03/03/2005 (UTC)
Twelve hot bands will perform on Saturday March 19, 2005.

Here's the lineup:
Serenade For Vanity
Desecrate Of Salem
Down Falls This Morning
Chalice of Myst
Phoenix Theory
Say They Exist

An all-ages show for an insane rocking time. Don't miss this show and every regular weekly show at The Art Temple.
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Calling All Bands!!!
06:06am 03/03/2005 (UTC)
The Art Temple is looking for local bands to book weekly shows. Please contact Charles: charlie@premiertalentgroup.biz
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F, I.R.A, Sound for Sound and more - July 1
10:21pm 22/06/2005 (UTC)
Come out for a night of old school punk and hardcore. The Florida punk band "F" will be playing with legendary Columbian band I.R.A. and Sound for Sound on Friday, July 1.

The Hellhounds, the Hangovers and Malicioso will also be playing. Show starts at 10p sharp at Churchill's Pub (5501 NE 2nd Ave, Miami. The cover is $7.
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To the mod.
05:47pm 31/08/2005 (UTC)
I recently posted concerning a show in Melbourne... I understand it's a bit out of the jurisdiction, but please bear with me; my job, other than playing the show, is to promote the hell out of it down the last ounce of promotion I have. I'm just doing all I can to get a good turn out, because if we have enough people, we may break higher than even and be able to pay the bands. We're trying to keep the scene around here alive! Regards,

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